Hollywood like scenes in La Línea Hospital: Hooded men violently free detained man who was taken to the Emergency Department.

The newspaper “La Voz Digital” published yesterday that on Tuesday 7.2.2018 around four o’clock in the afternoon there was an act of extreme violence in the hospital of La Línea. In the emergency room were two police officers with an arrested suspect. He had been arrested after a pursuit during which he was wounded in the face and one leg.

The arrest of the detainee occurred early in the afternoon when he was traveling through La Linea on a moped. The detainee had been trying to escape the police when he fell with his moped, causing injuries on his body. Of course the detainee had the right of medical assistance so he was taken to the hospital of La Línea, entering the emergemcy room where the events took place. ”

According to eyewitnesses, the detainee was very upset, shouting and threatening the agents who were guarding him. The arrested man in handcuffs was waiting to be seen by the doctors as he had several open wounds on his face and on one of his legs.

The newspaper says that “In the waiting room were other patients so the agents tried to get in consultation as soon as possible to take him to the police station when suddenly a group of hooded people broke into the emergency room kicking and slapping everyone and everything and they managed to release the arrested man and take him to a car that was waiting outside along with other hooded individuals.”

The newspaper assures that according to witnesses the two policemen had been wounded. They also indicate that The National Police investigates what happened in order to identify the attackers and they have launched a search to be able to find them and the fugitive, who is a suspect for a drug issue.

Official sources have confirmed the identification of at least three of the hooded individuals.

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