Jazz is back in Sotogrande: The “Blue Note Jazz Quartet” was live

Jazz is back in Sotogrande.  Last Friday night the “Blue Note Jazz Quartet Sotogrande” was playing in La Enoteca in Torreguadiaro. Although the weather wasn’t good about forty jazz fans gathered in the restaurant to listen to fine jazz and swing. The Blue Note Jazz Quartett Sotogrande consisting of James Wood on piano, Chuck Mclelland Saxophon, Dani Dominguez drums and Bee Menn on double bass was performing their energetic jazz and swing repertoire. The audience was enjoying classic jazz standards like “Autumn leaves” or “Misty” but also uptempo Coltrane bebop tunes like “Mr PC” and “Blues for Gwen” by McCoy Tyner.

 We asked Bee Menn, also the bass player for several other bands from the region (malFUNKtion, PlanBee) about the future plans of the Quartet and he said that the bands clear target was to revive real live jazz and live music in times when bar owners call a singer with tracks a “live act”. “We want to bring back the feeling and ambiente of those Jazz Clubs our parents knew. No track, no CD, nothing playing music from a media can reproduce the vibes of a real live band. The energy of great musicians is sensible when they play together!” He understands that it is often financial pressure, but he says the Blue Note Jazz Quartet’s clear focus is to bring back real live music to the venues. “We are on a mission, that is why we are not much more expensive than a single singer with track. And we only need very little space, so we can literally play everywhere. So no one can say he couldn’t afford or wouldn’t have space for us”

Bee also told us about his plan to set up a jazz club in Sotogrande. “We already had everything ready,  a venue, the complete sound- and light systems, but then we have been let down by the owners of the venue.”  he said.  “We were going to call  it “Blue Note Jazz and Music Club Sotogrande” The intention was to present one national / international top act per month. And we thought of the whole idea rather as a cultural stage, where all sorts of events could take place. This might be a choir wanting to present their repertoire, a theatre group showing a play, a musical group or any other artist who would like to present himself. And of course we want to offer regular jam sessions for musicians in the area. But as the whole idea is non-profit, we need the Jazz Club and sponsors to fund the concerts. The membership fee of 60€ / year plus the entrance fees would help with the funding”

The interest and responses on the Jazz Clubs Facebookpage (https://www.facebook.com/SotoJazzClub) was very high he said, so they decided to start to revive the Jazz Scene in Sotogrande already with live gigs of the “Blue Note Jazz Quartet”.

Bee Menn asked us if we could help promoting the idea, so if one of our readers knows about / owns a venue which might be suitable for a Jazz Club in Sotogrande or even is interested in hosting jazz concerts write to us and we will put you in contact with him: editor@sotogrande.news 

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