Shots fired at the Guardia by drug smugglers in the Strait of Gibraltar –

 Anti-trafficking police are to be reinforced along the coast of Andalucia. There have been serious concerns expressed in recent months that the job of the police and Guardia Civil in intercepting drug smugglers as they travel across the Mediterranean to the coast of Andalucía is becoming more and more dangerous, and these worries were underlined on Tuesday morning when shots were fired at a Guardia Civil patrol vessel from a high-powered contraband motorboat.

The incident took place two miles off the coast of La Caleta at approximately 3.00 in the morning, as the powerboat was driven at high speed towards Algeciras across the Strait of Gibraltar and was spotted by the Guardia, who abandoned the chase after two shots were fired. Members of the Royal Gibraltar Police were also collaborating in the Guardia Civil vigilance at the time.

Only hours beforehand Antonio Sanz, the central government delegate in Andalucía, had announced that security forces in the area are to be strengthened to combat the increased violence being shown by drug and cigarette traffickers in recent months.

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