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EU nationals can stay in the UK if British expats’ rights are guaranteed in the EU says Theresa May –

 Theresa May has vowed that no EU national currently living in the UK will be made to leave on the day of Brexit. 

Sixteen per cent of the Spanish economy is underground –

 The underground or ‘black’ economy in Spain is equivalent to 16 per cent of the country’s total economic production. This translates into 168 billion euros that escapes the taxman’s gaze every year and 25.6 billion euros in tax revenue that goes uncollected.

Estepona to host Circus festival –

ESTEPONA is to stage its second festival of music and circus showcasing big top thrills in the open air.

Spain named most likely holiday spot to fall ill or have items stolen –

 You are most likely to become ill or have your passport or money stolen when holidaying in Spain than anywhere else in Europe, according to new research. 

Adios roaming fees (but there is a downside) –

 New EU legislation means that from June 15th mobile phone operators will no longer be able to charge you roaming fees when visiting other EU countries. From Thursday 15.6.2017 you will no longer have to worry about picking up huge data roaming when you are visiting other European nations.

Shots fired at the Guardia by drug smugglers in the Strait of Gibraltar –

 Anti-trafficking police are to be reinforced along the coast of Andalucia. There have been serious concerns expressed in recent months that the job of the police and Guardia Civil in intercepting drug smugglers as they travel across the Mediterranean to the coast of Andalucía is becoming more and more dangerous, and these worries were underlined on Tuesday morning when shots were fired at a Guardia Civil patrol vessel from a high-powered contraband motorboat.

Spain has changed the law re. matriculation of foreign cars – now you have 20 days! –

 Foreign plates (anything but Spanish) are from now on only permitted 20 days in Spain. The law changed recently from 180 days to 20 days.  If you are caught you will be fined 500 euros, your will be car impounded at 9 euros per day until the vehicle is on Spanish plates! 

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