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Future of Gibraltar at stake in Brexit negotiations –

 The EU has put the future of Gibraltar at stake in the coming Brexit negotiations, effectively backing Spain in its centuries-old dispute with the UK over the British overseas territory.

Would be a great idea for Sotogrande / Guadiaro too: Malaga plans to trace dog poop via canine DNA database

Fines of over 100 euros for Malaga dog owners who fail to register their pets –

Can it get more stupid? Turkey sends back 40 Dutch cows! –

 On Wednesday the Turkish Cattle Breeders Association announced the deportation of Dutch cows out of the country as a sign of protest against the behavior of the Hague towards Turkey

Spain stays firm on its position of “not encouraging secessionist movements” when UK leaves EU –

If Scotland would leave the UK, Spain would respect the move, but would not allow the country to remain in the European Union following Brexit. For Madrid, Scotland is only part of the EU if the United Kingdom is.

Foreign residents urged to do their bit to keep census figures current –

The national statistics institute is working closely with town halls across the provinces to encourage foreign residents to register and renew when necessary.

– New: Anti-Bullying Program for Kids at Titan Academy Sotogrande –

 Bullying is becoming more and more frequent among today’s youth in locations like school and online, according to recent bullying statistics. In Spain the figures are alarming, saying that 7 out of 10 children miss school for fear of stalkers.

World skiing championships will arrive in Andalucia for the first time

Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders from 40 nations will arrive in the Sierra Nevada Pradollano resort to compete in the World-Championship in Freestyle Ski and Snowboard.

Made us giggle: British parrot missing for four years returns speaking Spanish

 A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when it disappeared from its home four years ago has been reunited with its owner – and the bird now speaks Spanish.

La Duquesa castle will be renovated for €5 million

 The works include a new museum, which will be opened in the castle to showcase different archeological finds, including artefacts from Roman villas, fish processing plants and burial sites.

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