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Russian fleet withdraws refuel request to Spain after NATO outcry

Russia has withdrawn a request to refuel warships in Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta, Madrid said on Wednesday, after NATO allies said their carrier battle group could be used to target civilians in Syria.

Britain said earlier it had raised concerns with NATO ally Spain over its decision to allow three ships in the Russian flotilla to resupply in Ceuta on their way to the eastern Mediterranean. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said all allies were aware of NATO’s concerns about the Russian mission.

What do you think? Should English be the EU’s official language post-Brexit?

Will English be the EU’s official language post-Brexit?

While Europe and the global financial markets were chewing over the UK’s decision to abandon the European Union on Friday, June 24, some French members seized the opportunity to take up arms against the widespread use of English as the bloc’s lingua franca. If the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the club, they reasoned, why should its language predominate in Brussels?

Back to the stone age: Spain’s top court overturns bullfighting ban in Catalonia


Spain’s Constitutional Court on Thursday cancelled a bullfighting ban in Catalonia in what is likely to exacerbate tensions between Madrid and the separatist region, and between animal activists and fans of the tradition

In a statement, the court argued bullfighting was classified as part of Spain’s heritage, and therefore a decision on banning it was a matter for the central government and not for semi-autonomous regions. The ban has been declared “unconstitutional and void,” it said.

Tough road ahead, Spain PM warns before return to powe

Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warned on Wednesday of a tough road ahead as he prepares to take power again at the head of a minority government with little support.

In a speech to parliament as he submits himself to a confidence vote that should see him re-appointed to lead Spain again next week, he promised to be “open to dialogue” as he acknowledged his government would have to negotiate “every day”.


Do you know one of these individuals? They are all wanted for crime!

The National Crime Agency and crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers have revealed the identities of suspects wanted for a range of crimes including murder, child sex exploitation and drug trafficking.

Is your garden furniture safely stored? Heavy rains come closer!

This Saturday we will have to look for the umbrellas in the greater part of the Peninsula. We are expecting clouds over most of the country and heavy rains with some storms in the West and southwest of the Peninsula (provinces like Huelva, Seville and Cádiz), Extremadura and castilla La Mancha West. All this is because of a storm that is located to the Northwest of the Peninsula. So if you havent done it already, stow away your garden furniture and be prepared.

Surfing with brains: Seven things you should NOT do online any more

In the beginning, the Internet was not exactly user friendly – early users needed technical support to go online, and had to use a wired dial-up line. In thossse   early day of the net and only a few other users online security was not a big.

We move to the present time and into the world of ubiquitous Wi-Fi and social networks. The hurdles to use the World Wide Web belong to the past. To establish a connection is so easy that even toddlers can do it on Tablet. Great-grandparents can go online anywhere, even without noticing, we can buy online, sell, transfer, work and see people but the entire system is full of dangers and criminal. We often talk about how important it would be to be more prudent, but it was never so easy to be careless.

Fraudulent offers on Amazon

A new criminal method to betray people who want to buy on Amazon has been developed by Criminals:
First they hack existing shop accounts or set up new ones with unusual seller names like “N:EW!” or “A:ttention!!!” Then they offer popular goods such as phones etc. extremely cheap. In the shop description you will always find a request to send an email to to an external email address prior to issuing the order: “Before you make an order, please contact me under: example(@)”

Music Festival at Ocean Village on behalf of Team Britannia

Team Britannia is a multi-million pound British bid to design and build the fastest and most fuel-efficient wave-slicing powerboat to circumnavigate the globe for the much coveted UIM world record, currently held by New Zealander Pete Bethune at 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes.

Spain admits it will miss budget deficit targets… Again

The finance ministry said it informed the European Commission that it provisionally forecast its budget deficit at 3.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) from a previous 3.1 percent target.

It noted a backdrop of political instability after two inconclusive elections inside a year and eight years trying to haul itself back into shape following the 2008 economic crisis.

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