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Car went on fire on the highway near San Roque

A car went on fire yesterday afternoon on the exit 127 of the A7. Everybody in the car –  two men and one woman – was able to leave without any injuries according to the Andalusian emergency services. Firefighters have turned off the fire soon after they arrived. Infoca had to be informed to extinguish some smaller fires on a field that had ignited due to sparks flying from the burning car. 

Canary Islands becomes first territory in the world to eliminate the Red Palm Weevil

The Picudo Rojo has destroyed tens of thousands of palm trees throughout Spain

The Canary Islands has become the first territory in the world to successfully eradicate the Red Palm Weevil, or Picudo Rojo, which has devastated tens of thosuands of palm trees across not only Spain, but also other areas of Europe and the African Continent.

Spanish property sales for second quarter of 2016 positive across Spain

Foreign buyer numbers are also increasing

Spanish property sales figures released by the Ministry of Development for the second quarter of 2016 show that all 17 autonomous communities of Spain recorded positive increases in property transactions over both the 12 month period preceding the end of June and the second quarter of 2016.

Severe damage to a car as a tree fell and hit it in Guadiaro

Never forget, if it is strong wind you shouldn’t park your car under trees. Otherwise your car might end up like today, when a tree was going down onto a car in calle Almenra, in Pueblo Nuevo de Guardiaro at 17:00h. The Volvo suffered from severe damages as the tree was lying on its roof. 

Swearing in Spanish! These phrases will boost Your vocabulary ( … but use them with prudence! )

GO AND FRY ASPARRAGUS: UK celebrity chief Gordon Ramsay could do with being taught this light-hearted version of F-off in Spanish. ‘Vete a freir espárragos’ is a step down from ¡vete por ahí! (get lost) and three down from ¡que te folle un pez! (‘May a fish f**** you’).

This is the future: zero-emission passenger flights

DLR presents project for HY4 four-passenger fuel cell aircraft

With the project for the HY4 four-seater aircraft, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) is taking another major step towards making zero-emission flying a reality – the HY4 will be the world’s first four-passenger aircraft powered solely by a hydrogen fuel cell battery system. “With the HY4, we want to bring electromobility to the air, demonstrating the feasibility of this technology and identifying specific fields of application in passenger transport,” explained DLR Coordinator of Electrical Aviation Josef Kallo, during the official presentation of the project at the International Trade Fair World of Energy Solutions on 12 October 2015 in Stuttgart.

A mechanical failure caused a spilling of crude oil, affecting 500 metres of coastline in the Bay of Algeciras.

The spill has produced an oil contamination opposite of the beach of Rinconcillo

A mechanical failure caused a spilling of crude oil, affecting 500 metres of coastline in the Bay of Algeciras at 20:45 hours last Tuesday. Around 500 litres of oil mixed with water were washed on to the shore due to a mechanical failure in a Cepsa SBM (a floating storage of crude oil) in the Bay of Algeciras. Sources of the 112 have explained that since the sunset of Tuesday they have received calls alerting a strong smell of fuel.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Spain?

Is my dog allowed on the beach is a common question

The question of whether dogs are allowed on Spanish beaches is a common one, but in short, no, they’re not, is the general answer.

Major Spanish property professionals sense stabilisation in the property market

They expect sales in the coming month to grow steadily, albeit unspectacularly

After analysing positive figures from the Ministry of Development relating to April-June 2016, principal Spanish property portals are anticipating that property sales figures in the coming months will remain positive, but show a more gradual growth curve than the 15% recorded in the second quarter of the year as the property market settles down and “normalises”.

SWIFT says bank hacks set to increase

SWIFT, whose messaging network is used by banks to send payment instructions worth trillions of dollars each day, said three clients were hacked over the summer and cyber attacks on banks are set to increase.

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