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If You see a purple blob on the sand this Summer, Do Not Approach It!!! –

 The summertime means beach time. Many are ready to put on their bathing suits, smudge on some sunscreen and hit the water. 

Foreign residents urged to do their bit to keep census figures current –

The national statistics institute is working closely with town halls across the provinces to encourage foreign residents to register and renew when necessary.

You are paying crazy high electricity bills? Here is why and what you can do to change that:

The Spanish electricity bills (recibo de la luz) depend on your consumption AND your power rating. The standing charge is depeding on the power rating and is payable irrespective of whether you use any electricity during the billing period.

Did you know? Judge in Spain rules against Mortgage-Floor Clauses

Spanish lenders must reimburse clients whose mortgages had unclear interest-rate clauses

MADRID— In April a Madrid judge has ruled that major Spanish lenders must reimburse clients who had signed confusing mortgage contracts that unfairly prevented them from benefiting from a steady drop in interest rates.


Do you know one of these individuals? They are all wanted for crime!

The National Crime Agency and crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers have revealed the identities of suspects wanted for a range of crimes including murder, child sex exploitation and drug trafficking.

Surfing with brains: Seven things you should NOT do online any more

In the beginning, the Internet was not exactly user friendly – early users needed technical support to go online, and had to use a wired dial-up line. In thossse   early day of the net and only a few other users online security was not a big.

We move to the present time and into the world of ubiquitous Wi-Fi and social networks. The hurdles to use the World Wide Web belong to the past. To establish a connection is so easy that even toddlers can do it on Tablet. Great-grandparents can go online anywhere, even without noticing, we can buy online, sell, transfer, work and see people but the entire system is full of dangers and criminal. We often talk about how important it would be to be more prudent, but it was never so easy to be careless.

Fraudulent offers on Amazon

A new criminal method to betray people who want to buy on Amazon has been developed by Criminals:
First they hack existing shop accounts or set up new ones with unusual seller names like “N:EW!” or “A:ttention!!!” Then they offer popular goods such as phones etc. extremely cheap. In the shop description you will always find a request to send an email to to an external email address prior to issuing the order: “Before you make an order, please contact me under: example(@)”

What will you have for lunch tomorrow? How about a classic Spanish tortilla de patatas

We asked food blogger and expat chef Carla Bigio to explain the secret to making a delicious tortilla de patatas.

The tortilla de patatas is Spain’s unofficial national dish. The simple yet hugely satisfying potato omelette is the staple of practically every Spanish menu, from the hole in the wall bars to the fanciest of restaurants.

Fined in Spain? Now you might get your notification by email or text message

Due to difficulties reaching drivers by Correos the government will switch to different way of communications

For a few years now the traditional postal services offered by Correos have dealt more with official and administrative post than with personal letters, but as of Monday 3rd October even that sector of the market is set to be reduced in size considerably as the central government brings in new administrative notification procedures.

Now is the time to treat pine trees with pesticides against processionary caterpillars

The warm autumn weather helps more  larvae mature next spring

The appearance of processionary pine caterpillars is associated mainly with the spring in Spain, but the warm late summer and autumn which have continued into the month of October this year is already causing concern over the possibility that they will be even greater in number than usual when they leave their nests early next year.

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